Meet the team

We are a diverse group from different cultures and backgrounds working toward delicious food!

Phillip Sanchez
-executive chef-

Chef Phillip Sanchez, 17 years of culinary experience. Worked in small-business restaurant fare kitchens, to corporate eateries, to upscale hotel outlets and banquets. Chef Phillips love for food also stems from his childhood and family gatherings.

Tore Trupiano

As a young boy, Tore Trupiano grew up in Monroe, MI, just south of Detroit the son of Italian immigrant parents. One of his fondest memories was the sights and smells of his mother and grandmother making fresh bread. Like most Italian immigrants, Tore’s grandmother and mother made their own bread for the family dinner table. Tore never lost sight of family traditions. He learned to always use the best and freshest ingredients. This same passion serves as the foundation and guiding mission of Mangia e Bevi today. It is our goal to produce food of exceptional quality using only the best and freshest ingredients.

Ann Perham

Ann Perham has worked in the restaurant business for several years. She grew up in a loving Italian family in Southern California. Her parents were first Generation Italian Americans who resided in New York and later settling in Southern California. Her Italian roots on both sides of her family reach back to both northern and southern Italy and Sicily. She grew up eating Sunday dinner with the family and with all the wonderful Italian traditions of love and laughter around the dinner table. Her mother was a wonderful cook whose traditional Italian dishes were shared with Ann over the years. Ann believes that food is a way of nurturing the soul and sharing food with others is an expression of love.